DIY: ||Flower Crown||



Want your own UNIQUE Flower Crown?

I’m not a huge fan of flower crowns but my sister wanted one for her birthday so being the crafty girl I am, I decided I would make her one! It was really easy and fun to do so if you are interested in creating your own or just want to know how I did it for fun, keep on reading. ❤

20140522-160813-58093824.jpg You will need: 
Floral Wire
& A Hot Glue Gun


I first measured how wide I wanted the crown to be by using the floral wire and going around my head (because my sister was not around) and just went around it twice twisting the end so it wouldn’t come off. Creating a base.


I then cut strands of flowers


and used smaller pieces of floral wire to attach it to the base making sure it was tight and secured.


 I got something like this at the end.


And just for decoration I added these green leafs. I put hot glue on the ends of the leaf and twisted it around the crown.


I also added a few more flowers to the bald parts.


And for the very last step, I glued in the flowers and leafs closer to the base because my sister thought the flowers were sticking out too much.


And this is how it looks! She was very happy with the outcome of the crown ♥

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Thank you and I hope you have a great weekend.


| SAMMYdress & CNDirect |*Review and Haul


For those of you that don’t know, and is an online Asian wholesale store where you can buy anything from clothes to accesories and even some home decor for whole sale price! There is no minimum quantity of items you have to purchase and best part is PRICES ARE RIDICULOUSLY LOW! Which is why people (including myself) think it is some sort of scam.

I found these websites last year while I was doing some online shopping but I was very skeptical at first, the website looks legit and has reviews from customers on almost all of the items on sale but it still seemed too good to be true. After doing some research on the websites I decided to purchase something of very little cost to see if it was a scam or not, so I ordered a necklace that was 99 cents and had free shipping. If it turned out to be a scam I wouldn’t mind losing a dollar but surely after about a month (shipping takes for ever) the necklace arrived! What I noticed right away when I opened the package was that it was very secure and well packed, the necklace came in a little bag inside of a bubble wrapped envelope. The quality of the necklace was alright, it looked exactly how it did in the picture and everything so I was pretty pleased with the purchase. I never ordered anything else from the website again until now! Last month I was bored and decided to do some online shopping and remembered these websites so I went on them and started browsing and found some cute stuff! I’m going to show you what the item looked on the pictures online and what I got. Overall I am very satisfied with everything I got and would purchase stuff from them again in the future. So before I go on and on HERE IS WHAT I GOT!

watch2 This is BY FAR my favorite purchase, It looks exactly the same if not better in person than it does in the picture and for $4! Even better!
Pros: Very cute, great price
Cons: Can’t think of any!


phonecaseSuper cute silicone case, I’ve gotten A LOT of compliments! * I didn’t notice this from the picture, but it does have the whole for the camera! The orange piece is covering it.

Pros: The blue and orange lego pieces can be moved around

Cons: The orange piece falls off easily so I only use the blue one :/



hair ties

Even though I don’t use ponytails EVER, I thought this could be cute to wear with a braid, I posted a picture with it on my personal instagram! @kassandraer Go check it out 🙂

Pro: Very sturdy and great quality

Con: I have a lot of hair so the cuff would not go around my hair if I decided to wear it in a ponytail

IMG_1643 KITTY WATCH #2 $3.11

 The quality of this one was not that great, the “leather band” is very thin and looks very cheap, (because it is) but I still like it! I might change the band later on… But I’m still pretty satisfied with the watch.

Pro: Very cute of course 

Con: Not the best quality





I am not a pro when it comes to make up so my opinion on these brushes might not be the same as the opinion of someone who knows a lot about makeup but I thought these are very useful! I did get some shedding on “powder brush” but other than that they worked perfectly fine! I love how they are labeled in the back to let people know what the brush is for! The brushes also came in a little pouch that comes with instructions on how to use them which of course I found very helpful! I thought the hairs on the brushes were very soft so I am absolutely pleased with them!

Pros: Very soft and great for traveling and everyday use!

Cons: Had some shedding 
20140514-183535.jpg And that concludes my review on both Sammydress and CNDirect. I ordered all of these the same day and Sammydress (brushes) arrived faster than the rest of the stuff. Other than the shipping taking long, I was very happy with everything I bought. I would rate both websites with 4 stars out of 5.

Hope you found this post helpful! If you have further questions about my experience with these websites feel free to leave me a comment!

*I was not paid to review Sammydress nor CNDirect, this is my honest opinion and I am just another regular costumer.


Thanks for reading!




|Delicious Detox Water Recipes|



Summer is just right around the corner and that means HOT weather and BIKINI season! And if you’re like me you are not ready to rock a bathing suit just yet! Which is why I have started drinking detox water on a regular basis to keep me hydrated and slim for this summer. Detox water is a great way to DETOX and de-bloat your stomach by flushing out any toxins lurking in your system. And did I mention they’re delicious?

These are just two recipes of many different combinations you can try! So feel free to experiment with different fruits to create your own refreshing flavor!




  • Strawberries– help fight carcinogens and contains anti-aging properties such as biotin and the antioxidant ellagic acid, which helps prevent sagging skin.
  • Raspberries/Blueberries– contain anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that are anti-aging and anti-cancer.
  •  Lemon– helps stimulate and regulate the digestive tract (which is why it’s so helpful with constipation, heartburn and gas)
  • Chia Seeds– high in antioxidants, dietary fiber, healthy omega 3′s, and protein (they create a gelatinous effect when added to water they cleanse your insides by collecting toxins on their way out! Great for weight loss 😉 )



Cucumberlicious! (I’m the best at creating names)

  • Cucumber– contains citrulline which is an amino acid that has been shown to help our liver and kidneys get rid of ammonia which is a by product of the proteins our bodies burn for energy.
  • Mint- helps you digest effectively because it improves the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder to the small intestine to break down dietary fats. It also helps relax cramped up stomach muscles.
  • Lemon
  • Chia Seeds


I did a little research for you hope you liked it! You can drink any detox water throughout the day but make sure you are eating solid foods!  Also, I forgot to mention this earlier but, KEEP YOUR WATER IN A GLASS SEALABLE JAR! This will keep all the nutrients in the water not the container. Prepare the drink a night before and leave refrigerated for best results. Try to drink it within 24hrs for a fresher taste. And last but least, have fun and experiment with different fruits so you find out what you like and don’t like! ❤

Hope you enjoyed today’s post if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave me a comment below!  And if you try any of these recipes or create your own LET ME KNOW! Use #vintagedahl on instagram and tell me how you detox. 🙂

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DIY: ||Nail Polish Fun||


First off I will be showing you a quick and easy way to create your own Nail Polish Remover Jar:

Materials Needed:

Nail Polish Remover — Sally’s Beauty Supply

Glass Container — Walmart

Sponge — Walmart


1. Fold the sponge so it fits inside the jar

2. Add your favorite nail polish remover





*My glass container is actually a salt shaker I found at Walmart but you could use any small glass container with a lid and my sponge is a regular dishwashing sponge.

Now for my next DIY you will need:

Nailpolishes — Sally’s Beauty Supply

Shipping Labels — Walmart

& Hole Puncher — Jo-Ann


1. Paint squares on the shipping labels

2. Add two coats of nail polish if needed

3. Let dry for 3-5 mins

4. Punch holes and stick them on your nail polishes



Hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you try any of these projects upload a picture to instagram and use the hashtag #vintagedahl!

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Treat Yourself As A QUEEN And You Will Attract a KING

20140421-163339.jpgOh my God! I seriously just came across this picture on Facebook and I automatically became obsessed with it! Seriously this can even work the other way around for guys! Respect yourself and you will find someone that respects you back, if you do not have a line of guys or girls behind you then it’s probably because they cannot handle you. Remember that saying “Some people would rather pick the apples that are on the floor already rather than struggle to get the ones on top of the tree” or something like that. My quote might be wrong but the meaning is the same, don’t throw yourself on the ground just to be picked up by just anyone because only the person who really wants you will go that extra mile to climb up the tree and reach for you. I sound so cheesy but it’s the truth! Now I’m not telling you to play hard to get and say no to everyone, all I’m saying is to be yourself and do what feel RIGHT to you not what everyone else is doing or telling you to do. Be a QUEEN or KING, but remember to stay humble enough to be respected by others. ❤
Also, if something does not workout with someone, move on and let go, there are plenty more fish in the sea who haven’t found someone like you. ❤ ❤ ❤

This was extremely cheesy I’m sorry, I’m going to stop now… 😛






The story behind this tanktop:

I don’t remember exactly where I bought this shirt all I know is I got it in some mall in California, I wasn’t going to get it because it was kinda see through-stupid I know but this was like five years ago when see through shirts where not even in yet! But since it was not that expensive I ended up buying it.Back then I would wear it with tanktops under it and with a cardigan on top so it would be school appropriate, and ever since then I have been in love with this tanktop. I’ve worn it so many times for different occasions and I still can’t get enough of it, I just feel like every girl should have this type of top in their closet because it is very easy to dress. It’s great for spring and summer but I think I have also worn in in the winter with like a scarf and jacket.

Anyway, the reason I decided to do OneShirt,FiveOutfits is because I think I’ve worn this shirt for every occasion possible; to school, to work, to the beach, to a formal event, to a club, etc. And not because I’m too poor or cheap to buy new clothes but because I just can not get enough of this shirt!

So before I go on and on on how much I love this shirt, I am going to show you five fun ways I would wear my favorite shirt. ❤



Outfit1 (CasualEveryDayLook)

Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: Perry Ellis | Good Will

Bracelet: Guess

Phone Case: Fossil |Dillards


Outfit2 (SummerDayLook)

Shorts: DIY | Goodwill

Shoes: Dolci | Goodwill

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Midi Rings: Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses: H&M

Cross Bag: Yard Sale

Phone Case: Claire’s



Outfit3 (LunchDateLook)

Jeggings: Mudd | Kohl’s

Denim Vest:  Miley Cyrus Collection| Walmart

Shoes: Pink 360

Purse: Goodwill

Sunglasses: Jennifer Lopez | Kohl’s

Necklace: Fossil | Gift


Outfit4 (GirlsNightOutLook)

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Clutch: Forever21

Watch: Gift

Necklace: H&M

Phone Case: Fossil | Dillards


Outfit5 (ProfessionalLook)

Skirt: Jennifer Lopez | Kohl’s

Blazer: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

How would you wear this shirt? Or do you have A Shirt too? Let me know!



DIY: ||Distress High Waisted Shorts||


Hi guys and welcome back to my blog, today I will be showing you step by step on how to create a pair of distressed high waisted shorts!

You will need:

-Shorts (or pair of pants which you could then make into shorts)

-Fabric Scissors



-Studs (optional)

So I’ve been wanting a  good pair of high waisted shorts for the longest time but I could never find a pair that would fit me well and that was around my price range so I decided to make my own and I ended up spending less than $10 on my personalized pair. How awesome am I?! 😛

My shorts were a pair of pants I got at a thrift shop last year they were like $6, so I just cut them into shorts and rolled up the ends cause I didn’t have time to make them all fancy. The scissors were a gift from Santa I got along with a sewing machine when I was 13 but you can buy them at any fabric store. I really recommend you get a pair of FABRIC scissors for this DIY cause it just makes it a lot easier to cut jeans. The sandpaper block thing I got at the 99cent store and the studs I got at Hot Topic, they were on sale for a dollar too.


First off before doing any cutting make sure you try your pants on and MARK THE SIDES  to your desired length! This way your shorts won’t be too short on you. I cannot stress this step enough, please don’t skip it!


Once you have marked your jeans you can start cutting.

(ignore the marking here thats from the first time I cut the pants into shorts)


*I still recommend you cut an inch under your desired length because once you wash them they will start to really distress and end up a little shorter.


Now for this diy I decided to add some studs to the shorts (which is optional) but, I didn’t like the colors of the studs so I spray painted them white if you do not have spray paint you could always use nail polish.

I also put the studs in the extra fabric I cut out so they would be still and dry better.


I then did these parallel lines MAKING SURE I DID NOT CUT THE POCKET UNDER IT


 and with a pair of tweezers I pulled on the little fibers to make the distress effect.


Then I sanded the edges to make them look more worn out and old


and put them in the dryer for about 30 mins.


After that I just put the studs on and whoala! I got myself a pair of unique high waisted shorts!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions about this DIY or have any requests on what you want me to do next let me know!

I know I said I would be doing a DIY on an old purse make over but, I had some complications with the paint! 😦 I will finish that project as soon as I find paint that will dye leather correctly.

Anyway, thanks for… reading?…watching?I don’t know, but hope you  have a great day!